04/12/2022 – 19/02/2023,

Les Gardiennes, with works by Leonor Fini, Rosanna Graf, Paulina Nolte, Frederik Vium and Mayara Yamada

, Kunstmuseum Bochum


Leonor Fini in her apartment in Paris, 1973


Les Gardiennes is a performance program and exhibition featuring works from Kunstmuseum Bochum’s collection by historical artist Leonor Fini (1906–1996) in dialogue with works and interventions by contemporary practitioners Mayara Yamada, Rosanna Graf and Paulina Nolte, as well as Frederik Vium. Weaving into research on Leonor Fini’s work and life, curators Lisa Klosterkötter and Alicia Reymond, together with set designer Jakob Engel, have developed an exhibition scenography aimed at mirroring these different positions and perspectives, thus echoing a recurring element in Fini’s practice. The special architecture of the ground floor bordered by a glass window is transformed into a setting connecting the inner of the museum with its adjacent garden area. The setting also functions as a modular installation for the presentation of Frederik Vium's and Leonor Fini's works, inviting visitors to linger and adopt different positions. Les Gardiennes revolves around two key moments: Unfoldings on December 3, 2022 and Withdrawals on February 11, 2023 (at 4 p.m). The performative works by Mayara Yamada, as well as Rosanna Graf and Paulina Nolte, will unfold in two parts on these occasions.

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Accompanying Programme:

15/01/2023, 3:00 pm,

Guided tour through the exhibition Les Gardiennes and talk with curators Alicia Reymond and Lisa Klosterkötter

, Kunstmuseum Bochum

11/02/2023, 4:00 pm,

Les Gardiennes – Withdrawals, with performative works by Mayara Yamada, Rosanna Graf and Paulina Nolte

, Kunstmuseum Bochum