11/02/2023, 4:00 pm,

Les Gardiennes – Withdrawals, with performative works by Mayara Yamada, Rosanna Graf and Paulina Nolte

, Kunstmuseum Bochum


Film still from Portrait-poème pour Léonor Fini, Jean-Émile Jeannesson, France 1967, 57 min, 16 mm, colour


Les Gardiennes - Withdrawals on 11 February 2023, from 4 pm at Kunstmuseum Bochum.

4 pm Guided tour of the exhibition with curator Lisa Klosterkötter , meeting point in the museum foyer – 5.30 pm Performance Renaissance Reflux II - a surrealistic singspiel by Rosanna Graf and Paulina Nolte – 6 pm Launch of the publication Les Gardiennes, distributed for free afterwards and on loop a video-performance work by Mayara Yamada, untitled Marara Kelly's press conference

Withdrawals marks the counterpart of the event Unfoldings that took place on 3 December, as part of a performance program accompanying the exhibition Les Gardiennes. The event will start on February 11 with the onset of dusk, on the first floor of the museum.

In the performance Renaissance Reflux II - a surrealistic singspiel by by Rosanna Graf and Paulina Nolte, the artists engage with the figure of the ornamental hermits. Like hermits themselves, they dwell in the garden adjacent to the museum. Throughout their actions, the spectrum between reality and hallucination widens, celebrating the act of weirding as a survival strategy. Their supposed isolation, perceived through the large windows of the exhibition space, provokes a succession of absurd actions and reactions.

The performance will be followed by the launch of the publication Les Gardiennes designed by Laurens Bauer, comprising texts and works by by Rosanna Graf and Paulina Nolte, Frederik Vium and Mayara Yamada, the curators Lisa Klosterkötter and Alicia Reymond, as well as reproductions of works by Leonor Fini that are part of Kunstmuseum Bochum’s collection. Tea and pastries will be served while inviting visitors to grab the publication and lie in the exhibition space, inviting them to wander through the exhibition in a different way, to let their thoughts run free and, eventually, enter a dreamlike world in which it is possible to encounter the works of Leonor Fini.

Building on her new iteration of the performance Marara Kelly Art Show: I do performances as someone who makes promises that took place in Kunstmuseum Bochum on 3 December for the opening of Les Gardiennes, as well as drawing from the film Portrait poème pour Leonor Fini displayed in the exhibition, Mayara Yamada will present a new video-performance work: Marara Kelly's press conference. On this occasion Marara Kelly comes to comment on the intervention of Mayara Yamada on the December at the museum, explaining to the audience at a press conference why she wouldn't be able to show up physically in Bochum. The video-performance is played on loop during the whole event.

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Les Gardiennes, with works by Leonor Fini, Rosanna Graf, Paulina Nolte, Frederik Vium and Mayara Yamada

, Kunstmuseum Bochum → Exhibition
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15/01/2023, 3:00 pm,

Guided tour through the exhibition Les Gardiennes and talk with curators Alicia Reymond and Lisa Klosterkötter

, Kunstmuseum Bochum