Simon Würsten Marin, Curator

Simon Würsten Marin ( b. 1991 in Lausanne) is an art historian, curator, editor, and educator based between Lausanne and Zurich. He works across visual and performing arts and is primarily interested in the artistic reception of counterculture between the 1970s and today.

Since 2013 he has curated exhibitions and cultural projects, among others at MCBA, Lausanne (2023); Arsenic, Lausanne with Imbricated Real (2022); Kunsthaus Zurich (2021); Last Tango, Shedhalle and Tanzhaus Zurich (2021); Haus, Vienna (2020); UV, Buenos Aires (2019); SALTS, Basel (2019); Display, Berlin (2018); DOC!, Paris (2018). His critical texts were published in Swiss and international magazines, among others CURA, Nero, Kunstbulletin and Art Basel Stories. He currently works as a guest lecturer at the Art History Institute of the University of Zurich and prepares an exhibition at Fundación Klemm, Buenos Aires, in collaboration with Penn University in Philadelphia. He previously worked as a curator for the foodculture days biennial, a curatorial and teaching assistant at the Academy of Art and Design and Basel, and an editorial manager at Art Basel.