Nicola Gördes & Stella Rossié, Artists


Nicola Gördes and Stella Rossié, Welcome to the World of a Billion € Fraud, 2022, video, starring Jan Marsalek, Helmut Kohl and Nina Kuttler


Nicola Gördes (born in Lennestadt) and Stella Rossié (born in Bochum) live and work in Hamburg and Dortmund. As a duo, they have been realizing film and performance works since 2013, which are usually presented in an installation-based exhi-bition framework and complemented by sculptural objects. In their artistic projects, which move at the interface of visual and performing arts, they question power structures, authorship, and labor relations as well as structurally entrenched stereotypes, gender and role relations. While the artists' performances usually refer to the presentation site and form a more or less hospitable happening, in their videos they tell short, fictional stories from a world of news, tabloid media and YouTube channels. The works of Gördes and Rossié were recently shown at the culture festival Easterfield, Hamburg, 2022; at Sammlung Falckenberg, 2021; at Urbane Künste Ruhr at Emscher Kunstweg, 2021; at Neue Kunst in Hamburg, Galerie Conradi, Hamburg, 2019; at Exo Exo, Paris, 2020 and at Dortmunder Kunstverein, 2018. In 2020 the duo received the Zeit scholarship. Since then, the duo has been working on an artistic series format titled Welcome to the World of ..., which visits celebrities and industrialists in their private living space. The living space presented reveals itself as an unexpected world of creepiness, chic, boredom, modernity, the gloomy Middle Ages and the German Bundestag 30 years ago. Stella Rossié completed her studies at the HFBK Hamburg with Prof. Andreas Slominski, Nicola Gördes at the Kunstakademie Münster with Prof. Aernout Mik, and at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with Prof. Marcel Odenbach.