Hanns Lennart Wiesner, Curator

Hanns Lennart Wiesner


Hanns Lennart Wiesner works as a freelance curator of contemporary art in Berlin. After he graduated from BA Media in a Social and Economic Context at the University of Arts Berlin, he continued with an MA in Curatorial Practice, directed by Anne Szefer Karlsen and with special tutoring by Raimundas Malašauskas at the Bergen University, in Norway. In 2016 he initiated a series of exhibitions called uma perspectiva circular, which dealt with dissolving dichotomies and concepts of circularity and had it's first iteration in Rio de Janeiro and his second 2017 in Athens. 2019 he organized a theatrically constructed solo-exhibition by Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld in the Botanical Garden Berlin-Blankenfelde and a group show examining fantastic narratives in artistic practice at the municipal gallery weisser elefant. In his curatorial projects Wiesner continuously calls the conventions of art exhibitions into question and investigates the dynamics between artist and curator, author and public and between the corporeal and the intellectual perception of art.